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Terminate My Timeshare

Timeshare Termination Services Based in the UK

Terminating your timeshare may be a more realistic option than you think if the resort or developer has an illegal contract with you. The warning signs are there,and as the list of court case losses continue to rack up there is a very real threat of legal action against many timeshare resorts emerging.

On one hand we see the resorts and developers becoming softer, but on the other we have seen many situations where the timeshare resort has agreed to let the owners hand back the ownership on the condition that they pay the next 5-10 years of maintenance fees as a penalty. These charges can add up to as much as £10,000+.

Termination Solutions for Disatisfied Timeshare Owners

We can help. At Timesure, we will assess all claims and inform you of the best course of action prior to referring you directly to our specialist Claims Partner who has the legal infrastructure to get the right results. We operate a clear and fair pricing policy for our timeshare exit services and keep a close watch on the pricing of our competition to ensure we constantly deliver the best possible value for money. Above all else we will work efficiently with our panel of legal representatives through a planned process map, ensuring your case is handled specifically to your requirements and you always know exactly where you stand.

Legally terminated timeshare contracts in multiple countries can throw up a multitude of headaches, but we can guarantee the best advice and legal representation possible from those who really understand all areas of European Consumer Law.