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Sell My Timeshare

Timeshare Consultancy for Potential Selling Owners

Selling a timeshare is one of the specialist options that most timeshare owners try first. There are a couple of large timeshare resale agents operating in the UK, but it only takes a visit to one of these websites to realise this is not really a viable option due to the sheer abundance of ownerships listed for sale, often for literal pennies. On top of that, they can and will charge you in excess of £1000 just to list the property for the sale of your timeshare on their website in the hope someone comes along to purchase, which almost never happens. In the majority of cases, a timeshare is sold whilst on the resort by professional sales people in a sales-focused environment, using every trick they can to pressure people into buying. Rarely will someone purchase a timeshare ownership whilst simply browsing on a website because – as you’re aware – it’s not usually a good idea!