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Timeshare Disposal

International Timeshare Disposal Solutions

Yes, it is possible to legally terminate your timeshare contract. However, be careful to ensure that the termination company you go with actually processes the timeshare disposal contractually with the resort or developer and that your names no longer show as the legal owners. It’s often the case that people have handed their money to what they believed to be a reputable termination company and received word that they are no longer on the hook for payments, only to find out months or years later that the termination was never processed on the developer’s end. At TimeSure, we provide a full disposal/termination service worldwide, and unlike most companies we will provide you with a hard “completion date” so that you know exactly when the timeshare contract is terminated. Additionally, you will be provided with any email or correspondence from the resort or developer directly confirming that you are no longer liable for the timeshare. For some examples of these, see our testimonials page