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Timeshare Exit Options Suitable for Dissatisfied Owners

TimeSure is a UK consultancy business providing specialist solutions to dissatisfied timeshare owners. Our core business is divided into two sections;

  1. No-win no-fee claim service
  2. Contract terminations service

‘Timeshare’ is a forbidden word in most households nowadays due to the constant changes in ownership, changes in regulations and more importantly to most people the growing financial burden in the form of annual maintenance fees.

TimeSure, together with their legal partners, are now able to offer specialist solutions to the majority of timeshare weeks and points owners. If you want to Terminate your timeshare headache for good then look no further.

Get in touch by completing this short form and one of our Claims Specialists will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your options, or try out our maintenance calculator to calculate your current liability and get a free breakdown of your options. The longer you wait the more you’re paying the resort – so don’t delay!

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